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We are a team dedicated to providing women and child victims of domestic violence options, and choices. Most often, those impacted by domestic violence feel that they cannot, or should not, exercise their voices. It is our mission to give them the courage to ask for what is theirs by right — a violence-free home.



In India, most women find it exceedingly difficult to move outside a setup wherein mental, emotional, and physical abuse is commonplace. Violence is an inescapable reality and has become an almost institutionalised concept. In order to change this, the Woman of the Elements Trust provides free counselling and legal aid to women and child victims of Domestic Violence, who are below the earning capacity of Rs. 5,000 a month.

The long-term objectives of the Trust are:

  • To provide free legal aid across all district courts in Delhi — presently we operate in Saket District Court. 

  • To implement skill developments programmes to make women who approach us financially self-sufficient.

  • To provide financial support for the education of children of women who have suffered domestic abuse.


Rashmi Anand began the Trust with the desire that no family goes through what hers did.

"I re-started my life at 35 - Traumatised and fearful, I left a violent marriage of 10 years with 2 children, a daughter, then 9 and a son, then 5. My beautiful little daughter had become quiet and withdrawn, and my son had stopped speaking completely. Struggling mentally, physically, emotionally and financially, I somehow managed to hold my children and myself together with some semblance of balance. We have come a long way, my children and I. Our lives are finally peaceful. Life has been a struggle, and in many ways still is. But no problem detracts from the amount we have received, and receive every day."

And so we do what we can, in every possible way — so that we can put back into the world what we have received. And we are grateful for the ability to do so.

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